01. The people in the movie theater began to [panic] and run for the exits when they smelled the smoke.
02. Cam's wife can't swim, so she started to [panic] when our canoe almost tipped over.
03. The citizens of Tokyo fled in [panic] when Godzilla appeared on the horizon.
04. The children began to [panic] as their school bus slid across the icy road.
05. Fourteen people were trampled to death in the [panic] that followed the explosion at the stadium.
06. Don't [panic] if you miss your bus; there's one every five minutes along this route.
07. My mother always [panics] when the airplane starts its preparations for take-off.
08. When the World Trade Center was hit by hijacked planes, some people [panicked] and jumped out of the windows of the buildings.
09. The New York stock exchange crashed in October of 1929, as people [panicked], and sold their shares.
10. A thousand years ago, warriors of the Khmer Empire of Cambodia rode elephants into battle, causing [panic] in the enemy's ranks.
11. Sometimes, language learners [panic], and lose concentration when faced with unfamiliar vocabulary.
12. In May of 1964, more than 300 soccer fans were killed, and over 500 others were injured during a riot and [panic] following an unpopular ruling by a referee in a Peru vs. Argentina soccer game.
13. The first time a moving train was shown on film, the audience [panicked], thinking it might hit them.
14. The thunderstorm sent our cat into a [panic], and she hid under our bed for hours.
15. In July 2005, a wild panda walked into Dujiangyan, China causing [panic] among residents before she was finally captured by firemen.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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